The ‘Split’ Method – A Tested Email Sequence To Convert Your Warm Prospects

“The focus should be on picking up some of the most important parts of your services and defining WIIFM (what’s in it for me) for the prospect; simultaneously reinforcing the challenge.”

Email marketing is one of the most powerful methods to convert your warm prospects into customers.

Who are your warm prospects?

People who come to your website and fill out a form become your warm prospects. To convert them into customers, they should be followed up with and nurtured with continuous value and information. 

But how?

Now that your warm prospects have already given you their email addresses and names, you can email those people as much as you like without spending more money on paid advertising (as long as they don’t unsubscribe).

What is an email sequence?

An email sequence is a series of emails sent to your prospects based on pre-decided time intervals or trigger-based automation (or both sometimes).

We’re sharing one of our 7-step email sequences that you can copy and use for your warm prospects. We call it the ‘split method’ because the goal is to send different messages to prospects with different interests. In a way, we’re splitting our audience as per the service that best suits their requirements.

Here is the complete sequence of emails (along with the subject line):

The first email should aim at knowing the biggest priority of your prospect.


Email 1 

Subject – Hit Your Conversion Optimization Goals


Thank you for showing interest in Convex Digital.

My name is Nisha, Marketing Evangelist at Convex Digital. My goal is to help companies like [PROSPECT’S COMPANY] get the most out of their marketing spend.

What is your marketing priority for this year? If it’s one of the things below, I’ve got just the thing for you.

Getting more website traffic

Generate more leads

Converting leads into customers

Increasing organic visibility

Our recent resource on [LINK YOUR RECENT BLOG] has been really helpful for a lot of companies trying to increase conversions from their landing pages. 

All the best,


Now let’s suppose, the prospect selects “Converting leads into customers”.

We then send the prospect to a thank you page where he can get the information related to “Converting leads into customers”.

Now that we know that the prospect’s priority is to convert his leads into customers, the following emails that we send will focus only on that. Here are the emails that follow:


Email 2

Subject – Convert Your Leads into Customers [resource attached]


As a response to our last email, you told us that converting your leads into customers is your biggest priority this year. I totally get it, getting the most value out of leads and converting them into paying customers is the biggest challenge elsewhere as well.

I’ve always found that our Webinar on [LINK YOUR RECENT WEBINAR] has been an amazing resource to help facility managers build a roadmap for better facility assessment. 

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the webinar. Book time on my calendar [LINK YOUR CALENDAR] anytime you’d like to chat.  

Talk soon,



To let your prospects book a time slot directly on your page, you can use Calendly. It’s a great tool that helps your prospects schedule meetings with you without the back-and-forth emails.


Email 3

Subject – No More Losing Out on Your Potential Customers.


Nisha here again, this time with a complete guide on [LINK YOUR GUIDE].

After going through the guide, you will be able to understand [MENTION THE SPECIFICS OF YOUR GUIDE].

Our audience has really liked this guide and told us that they’ve been able to [benchmark their lead conversion rate with unique tactics and methodologies discussed in the guide].

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about the guide. Book time on my calendar [LINK YOUR CALENDAR] anytime you’d like to chat. I’ll be here.

Happy reading,



Now that enough resources and information have been shared with the prospect, the time is to give an offer; an offer that will unleash some of the biggest challenges that the prospect might be facing.


Email 4

Subject – [PROSPECT NAME], Did You Know This?


Did you know, the average conversion rate for e-commerce is just 1.6 percent? How about I say you can exceed this number?

As I haven’t heard back from you, I brainstormed with my team to see how I can develop enough confidence for you to talk to us.

And, I’ve come up with an offer where we’ll give you a free assessment of your digital presence. 

With this assessment, you’ll be able to understand the performance of your digital assets, the gaps in your content promotion, and a complete analysis of your conversion path.

                                                         Get a Free Assessment

Happy to answer any questions you may have about the free assessment. Book time on my calendar [LINK YOUR CALENDAR] anytime you’d like to chat.  

Thank you,



In the next email, the focus should be on picking up some of the most important parts of your services and defining WIIFM (what’s in it for me) for the prospect; simultaneously reinforcing the challenge.


Email 5

Subject – Get Rid of Bad Leads.


We believe that Leads are not just a number, it’s a behavior we deeply understand.

With our Lead filtration, Lead intelligence, and Lead nurturing approach, you can increase your lead conversion rate by as much as 10%.

Talk to us to know how we can make this possible.

                                                       Schedule a Free Consultation

We look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you,



In the above email, the focus was on three important things –

  • Breaking the cliche; lead is more than just a number
  • Introducing the 3 most important aspects for increasing the lead conversion rate
  • Asking the prospect to schedule a free consultation


Now, after receiving sending 5 emails, the prospect has still not responded. In that case, the next email should have a different and light CTA.


Email 6

Subject – Convert More Leads into Customers – and we’re still here for you


I wanted to make sure you received my previous emails. 

If you received but chose not to reply, I understand that too. This time, I won’t ask you to make a call to action. Instead, I would like to hear from you regarding any doubts/questions you may have about any of my emails sent earlier. I’d be happy to address those.

Look forward to hearing back from you,



Now that the prospect hasn’t responded after 6 emails, he should be put in the nurture sequence – here, you’ll be sharing with them one piece of valuable content every 45-60 days. 


Email 7

Subject – Good-Bye, but we’ll keep you updated


Since I haven’t heard back from you, I believe that there might be some other priorities at your end. 

If you still want to explore how you can achieve your lead conversion goals, my expert team here at Convex Digital would love to discuss with you the roadmap ahead and share some interesting insights. Book a suitable time [LINK YOUR CALENDAR].

In either case, I’ll keep you updated about our recent developments and share some interesting insights every now and then.

All the best,



There you have it all!

Use the above 7-step email sequence to build stronger prospect engagement, convert prospects to customers, and boost your revenue.

The sooner you start using such email sequences, the better you achieve your lead conversion goals.

Good luck and happy emailing.

To know more, get in touch with our experts. 

About The Author

Nisha Dhall is a marketing and customer experience (CX) enthusiast, consulting a variety of entrepreneurs and SMEs across the USA, Canada, and India. As the marketing manager at Webonise Lab, she is keen on building modern-day digital strategies and evangelizing the customer needs. To know more, visit Nisha’s Linkedin.