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Is your business leaking Potential Buyers?

Allow us to Analyze the Gaps in your Online Ecosystem.

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What’s in it for you?

A multi-fold revenue growth based on better understanding of your visitors, leads, and customers.

Know your Customers Better than They do

Know your Customers Better than They do

Your real customers are hidden in your traffic! Let us find them by analyzing your customers’ behavior - a qualitative and quantitative observation of how they interact with your brand.

Don’t just get Lead. Get the Right one.

Don’t just get Lead. Get the Right one.

Leads are not just a number, it's the people we deeply understand! Knowing who is ‘Not’ a prospect is also important. We filter your leads, give engagement scores, gather lead intelligence, and nurture those to build a relationship from the first contact until it converts.

Let everything in your ecosystem talk to each other

Let everything in your ecosystem talk to each other

It’s not just about choosing the right tools for your business, but also choosing the right Mix! Our core idea of building your martech stack is that each tool should integrate and interact with the others to drive your marketing success.

Optimize your Website for Conversions

Optimize your Website for Conversions

Let’s nail those critical web conversions! As we don’t want you to lose out on a single opportunity for new customers, we identify the money-leaking places on your website and optimize it to boost conversions.

Brand your way to Success

Brand your way to Success

Why all the fuss? Communication designed to suit each customer persona results in a better, buyer-focused brand experience. Using Funnel based targeting, we tailor your messaging to your customer’s needs.

Build advanced Analytics for better Decisions.

Build advanced Analytics for better Decisions.

It’s time to link your Data to Revenue! With our spot-on analytics strategies, your customer data is turned into insights, into decisions, into business value.

Are you losing out on your potential customers?

Every minute you spend reading this, you lose an opportunity to track your customer.

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About us

Who are we?

We’re a ROI focussed MarTech team passionate about solving the biggest challenge in Ecommerce marketing by introducing a unique and modern Martech strategy.

At Convex, we believe every dollar spent on your marketing must reflect in the ROI.  

Why we do what we do?

From what we’ve seen and heard, only a small fraction of online brands achieve a significantly positive ROI with their marketing efforts. Everyone is guessing! And assuming they know what their customer want. Campaigners don’t know how to send across the right message to the right audience, data analysts don’t know how to interpret the customer data to make profitable decisions, UX team is unaware of the marketing trends and hence is unable to provide a great customer experience.

Convex Digital



With campaigns triggered by user behavior and detailed insights into consumer needs and interests



With segmented targeting, continuous follow ups with personalized messaging, and campaign optimization through A/B testing

That’s a HUGE problem!

We aim to solve this problem by providing human touch to marketing technology that drive conversions. An efficient, less invasive way where the value of your marketing investment is proved at every step.

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How we do what we do?


Discovery Phase

We do a detailed analysis of your existing marketing ecosystem. Complete Google Analytics health check, marketing flow in order to identify funnel leaks, user behavior, frictions and rejections in the process of conversion.

Discovery Phase

Hypothesis Phase

The hypotheses are based on our discovery findings. No assumptions or "best practices". Only data. We'll prioritize a list of insights based on what will have the biggest impact on your conversions and revenue potentially.

Hypothesis Phase

Set-up Phase

After reviewing your existing processes and tools, we build an integrated MarTech stack for you. We build funnels and workflows, enrich your customer data, set up your tracking metrics, build lead capture and nurture mechanisms. We do everything to get you started for Success!

Set-up Phase

Motion Phase

From game-changing content marketing to social campaigns to unconventional brand awareness tactics, we build and promote your communication to get more and more traffic, leads, and conversions

Motion Phase

Continuous Optimization Phase

We measure the results on each step and optimize every marketing tactic employed. Conversion Rate Optimization through A/B testing, hyper-personalization, heatmaps and everything else required to do so.

Continuous Optimization Phase

Why should you care?

Convex Digital

Because in the past decade, the voice of the customer grew stronger than ever before. It is the era where marketing and technology are reaching new levels of collaboration to delight the customers and improve marketing effectiveness.

Half the money I spent on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.  

John Wanamaker (1838-1922)

Over a century later, this dilemma has still not been solved for many companies.

The online businesses as it stands today are at crossroads.

On one side, the way people buy online has fundamentally changed - they are seeking Customization, Constant Optimization, and Informative Assistance.

On the other hand, online businesses even today are stuck with their traditional marketing landscape; that just don’t belong in the 21st century.

It’s time to start focussing on what matters….

It is time to go beyond Online, beyond Leads, beyond Transactions

Not only us, the World says this too

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How is your brand performing in the era
of empowered customer?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Convex different than a digital marketing agency?

    We work with you your extended partners and not as your vendor. We brainstorm with you on each and every report we deliver to see what went good and what didn’t go so well.We take full ownership of your marketing spend and make sure that every dollar you spend reflects in the ROI.

  • What’s it like to work with Convex?

    Catering to your concerns is our first priority, which is why we continually provide you with information that’s important to you while also valuing your time. We schedule routine scrum calls and in-person meetings to keep you updated about each and every progress that we make. We use best-of-breed project management tools to maintain our efforts, which you have complete visibility to.

  • Who is Convex meant for?

    Convex is for you if you have an ecommerce site and:

    • You want to increase your online revenue.
    • You want to figure out the stage when you lose customers.
    • You have digital assets but you’re not aware of the level of their engagement quotient.
    • You want to automate your marketing activities and get freed up to focus on the bigger picture.
    • You want to build and integrate your complete marketing stack.
    • You want a unified view of your marketing performance data to make profitable decisions.
    • You want to learn how to run a successful MarTech strategy from start to finish.

  • What if I’m not sure about the strategy?

    If you aren’t sure about the strategy, we’re there for you. We’ll talk you through why we did something a particular way or why our strategy is the way it is. We are agile in our approach and we support our strategy with data and numbers. If something doesn’t feel right about it, then we’ll work together to find a solution that works. We want you to feel confident and excited about your MarTech initiative.

  • How can the Convex team help our employees?

    Your employees will find a new and better way of marketing. With continuous consulting and guidance that can help increase your conversions, your employees can learn the ins and outs needed to take your MarTech strategy from idea to implementation.

We’re Always Accountable for your Results

We don’t just deliver the results, we are also accountable for these results. We make sure we work with you as extended partners and not just as a vendor. We are transparent, communicative, and accountable.

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